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About ClaimDoge & Doge Faucets

What is a DogeCoin faucet? It's a site, like ClaimDoge, that pays out cryptocurrency whenever you make a claim, or in our case a free random roll. Refer your friends and get 50% of what they earn from the faucet for life.
ClaimDoge also features the PTCWall around. With these service, you can earn DogeCoins for visiting webpages, watching videos, taking surveys, installing apps, and much more. Visit our PTCWall and see all of the things you can do. Refer your friends and earn 50% of what they earn from our PTCWall for life.
We offer one more way for you to earn Dogecoins and that's by playing games. We've playtested and picked the most fun games we could find, and you'll earn DogeCoi's while you play them. Pretty cool, eh? Refer your friends and earn 50% of what they earn from playing our games for life.
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